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RootsWeb Agreement for Genealogical/Historical Societies


Historical and Genealogical Societies may request free web space for their organization. A society is defined as an organization that has a generally open membership and focuses on a region or ethnic group.

RootsWeb regrets that we cannot provide free space to Family Associations, groups that focus on a single surname or any group of people wholly linked by blood or marriage. Family Associations may use Freepages accounts.

Please remember that your use of RootsWeb's resources implicitly signifies agreement with RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy. Please read our usage policy at:

This page may be printed out if the society's webmaster will need approval from their governing board.

There are only a few rules that apply to free space at RootsWeb

  1. Upload no copyrighted material, except with permission.

  2. Upload no GEDCOMs or other pedigree-related material. These would take up too much space and should be uploaded to the WorldConnect and then linked to your web site.

  3. Upload no commercial material.

  4. The "no commercial material" rule is flexible, especially in the case of Genealogical Societies. You may go ahead and sell memberships, books, and research services.

  5. The account belongs to the Genealogical/Historical Society. If a webmaster resigns, the account password will be reissued to an officer of the Society upon request.

  6. Affiliate links (those commercial links that pay you for the folks that click on them) may not be included on your site. You may only link to official MyFamily/Ancestry affiliates only with written permission from the TGN affiliate program.

  7. Please don't use your RootsWeb space as a "dump" for material that won't fit on your main site elsewhere. Such practices can create a serious support problem for RootsWeb -- it is difficult to know if the site is still active , people accessing the site with an incomplete URL don't know where to start, etc. If you must split your site between RootsWeb and another server elsewhere, please maintain a main page on RootsWeb, preferably an index.htm or index.html, that provides access to the material hosted in the RootsWeb account, and links to your main page elsewhere. In addition, do n ot use RootsWeb space for a redirect page.

  8. An acknowledgement that RootsWeb is hosting your site would be appreciated.

If you want more info on operating a Website at RootsWeb, visit

IMPORTANT: After you have your site up and operational, please send the URL of your homepage to The Websites Webmaster will add you to the Guest Pages Index at RootsWeb, which should help increase the amount of traffic your page receives.

If you agree to the terms and conditions as listed here, click I Agree below.

I agree

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