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RootsWeb Agreement for Freepages
Web Space Accounts


Please remember that your use of RootsWeb's resources implicitly signifies agreement with RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy. Please read our usage policy at:

RootsWeb will provide free website space to users who request an account and whose intended use fits within our mission. We will not make any websites for personal photo albums, games, fan sites, video files of any type, music files (eg. mp3), file storage, zip files, software, commercial material, etc. RootsWeb is a family-oriented server, so absolutely no pornographic or adult-oriented material will be permitted.

There are only a few rules that apply to free space at RootsWeb:

  1. Upload no copyrighted material, except with permission and notice of that permission should accompany the document.
  2. Upload no commercial material.
  3. Commercial advertising banners will appear at the top and at the bottom of each Web page. These banners will require no programming by webmasters. Simply upload your Web site to RootsWeb and the banners will appear automatically. Please do not attempt to "defeat" these banners or your account may be closed.
  4. Please notify RootsWeb of any changes in account ownership, email address, or project affiliation.
  5. Freepages accounts may be used for publicly accessible material but not for online backup. Also, please do not upload GEDCOM files to Freepages accounts. They should be uploaded to WorldConnect and then you can link to your files there.
  6. Affiliate links (those commercial links that pay you for the folks that click on them) may not be included on your site. You may only link to official MyFamily/Ancestry affiliates only with written permission from the TGN affiliate program.
  7. FreePages accounts may NOT be used only as a redirect to sites off of RootsWeb.
  8. FreePages accounts may NOT be used for file storage - whether it is MP3 files, zip files, video files, huge images files, etc. Accounts that are being used in this manner will be closed.

If you want more info on operating a Website at RootsWeb, visit or the FAQ section of the HelpDesk.

RootsWeb's Pledge to Its Users - RootsWeb will neither sell nor charge for access to your genealogical information (for example, your posts to RootsWeb mailing lists or message boards, your Web pages hosted at RootsWeb, and any datasets you have donated to the USGenWeb Archives) without your permission. See the PRIVACY STATEMENT for more information.

If you agree to the terms and conditions as listed here, click I Agree Below.

RootsWeb reserves the right to close any account that is not in compliance with this agreement or that is in violation of state and federal laws governing internet usage.

I agree

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